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On this website you will find information about the entire line of Tom Evans Audio Design products. If you are in need of any additional information not covered here please contact one of the North American dealers listed on the site.

Tom Evans' line of phono preamplifiers, linestages, and amplifiers have earned him a reputation worldwide as a designer of uncommon skills. Like Ferdinand Porsche, his designs are marked by elegant solutions to complex problems. None of these are 'me too' products. None of these designs are rehashings of old thinking with a few 'audiophile' parts thrown into the mix. Taken as a whole, they are designs of genius.

Listen to a Tom Evans system, and you'll know that there has never been a better time to be in possession of a large music collection.

Recent News:
November 2009:  SORAsound joins the USA dealer network for Tom Evans products. Mehran at SORAsounds carries an incredible line of analog products (and digital as well) and we at Tom Evans USA are very pleased to have him join the US dealer network. Mehran brings a wealth of experience and excellent long term customer service to the table and we are sure you will find him exceedingly pleasant to deal with. SORAsound also has the new Tom Evans loudspeakers on display! Hop on over to the SORAsound website for details.
December 2008: Please see the link to the Australian Hi-Fi review of the Tom Evans Vibe Preamplifier in the Preamplifier section of this site. This 2008 review contains some stunning test data in pdf form, confirming what Evans owners have always known--the distortion levels are basically unmeasurable.

Also see the Phono Preamp page for some quotes from the latest Roy Gregory review of the Groove+ SRX phono stage (Hi Fi+ issue58 June 2008)

All Tom Evans Audio Design Products purchased in the United States from an authorized Tom Evans dealer are covered by a 12 month warranty to the original purchaser only. This is a factory warranty (not a dealer warranty), is non-transferrable, and only applies to products purchased from an authorized Tom Evans dealer. Dealers not listed on the "Contact Us" page are not authorized Tom Evans dealers.

Gray market product brought into this country outside the authorized U.S. dealer network is not covered by any warranty, expressed or implied.